Headstone Imitation

marmolina Long time ago in the 1900’s, “marmolina” a very small white marble chips and white cement was a popular materials to cast cemetery headstones, old cemeteries all around south Texas has old memories in this beautiful tombstones, some of them damage by vandalism, also covered with mold created by weather the humidity, once and while I get phone calls asking me for help to repair and to level… that is why I know the quality, it’s  solid heavy tombstones, but not more, I think not body those anymore, fabrication is going  from Texas.

 Some people imported from Mexico a very similar, but nothing to compare to the original cast tombstone, the new Mexican cast headstone is a fraud, because, 50% of the cast material are stay foam, I saw some at San Juan Cemetery, Rio Grande City and Roma this places accept imitation memorial cement headstones.

A friend of mine get one cement tombstone from Mexican, for his Mother, 6-years ago… He went to Monterrey Mexico to pick up… The most important thing is to mark the graves with the proper information names dates, to know who is resting in there. Couple months ago we talked and he din’t recommend a cement headstone, he all ready done redo paint twice, he also told me, he notice some small cracks on it.

Keep the grave in shape, mark the spot with a wood cross, concrete or a rock piece, never left without a marker.

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