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Technology has made it so easy you can start buying items, almost everything included tombstones a new form to do business, without trips or leaving the house save time and money, simple using your laptop and smartphone, you can access an e-commerce site type on your browser a product name and immediate have merchandise to purchase with minimal effort.

Technology solutions are always as helpful and convenient, the e-mail, text message is a huge plus for my business, stone sketch designs, projects & quotes, e-invoices, bookkeeping, payroll, catalog online, a virtual display, and more. My tombstone shop and monuments-store all ready implement new ways to do a better service and save budget, I invite everyone to give try.

More and more popularity of online shopping, but some customers still prefer to check your products in person, many shoppers research online before leaving the house, customers even head to the business physical address to see a real tombstone display, to see a product, intending to buy online, and end up making the purchase while at the location.

As International sales Manager at Gonzalez Monuments, Jose Angel Gonzalez “El angel” in my experience at lest for now more than 80 percent of sales still happen in the store.

As easy as shopping online is, a surprising number of people still prefer to shop local, Almost 75 percent of customers prioritize a product’s origin when making a buying decision. Having a physical location means a business can establish itself as a proud member of the community, which offers an edge when winning those “buy local” customers.

For customers one of the major downsides to buying online is the headache and cost associated with shipping returns, but not in my case tombstones is one way sales… no returns allowed, our product is 100% warranty if we make a mistake we replace a whole monument without cost, that is why we require to review and approve the sketches designs, we always ask to read and check for errors if everything is correct, sign your name and date to proceed… next step engrave. No body want to lose money that is why we try to keep good and bets practices and not to rush.

Another growing trend is the “buy online, pick up in store” concept. Some customers will opt to pick up their online purchases in-store to avoid paying extra shipping delivery fees, others will opt in because the store’s location is convenient or they are planning to stop in anyway. We always offering discount to customers who pick up their purchases, for small, median items only, our plans has delivery and installation included.

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